Jackson Hewitt Partnership With Walmart

Open a Jackson Hewitt kiosk in Walmart

Opening a kiosk in the Walmart location is a unique investment opportunity. A kiosk within your territory would drive more traffic to your storefront location and improve the market presence in your area. Since most Walmart stores are located in key trading areas, you can draw more customers and expand your late season footprint.

walmart kiosk

Do the math

Walmart Superstores perform on average, 40,000 sales transactions weekly. Those 40,000 sales translate into thousands of potential tax customers. Add to that the substantial number of Walmart associates, approximately 600 per location, plus customers from surrounding cities and you have a formula for success! Jackson Hewitt’s marketing team has developed a multi-million dollar national and regional advertising campaign targeting Walmart customers and Walmart associates!

Additional franchise benefits include:

  • field support from a team with tax industry experience
  • toll-free technical support / 24-hour support during tax season
  • customized, local traffic-driving marketing campaigns
  • scalable business model allowing franchisees to grow at their own pace
  • comprehensive start-up and on-going training

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 When it comes to Jackson Hewitt, there’s so much they put out there for you – education, constant training – anywhere you want to go [with your business] you have support …
– Butch Baker, Franchise Operator, Southfield, MI