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Frequently Asked Questions About Jackson Hewitt Franchises

+Will you provide tax training on how to complete taxes?

We offer franchisees tax business training.  New franchisees attend our intensive one-week Franchise Initial Training (FIT) to learn all about the business.  We provide franchisees with materials for self-training on how to prepare income taxes. In addition we offer a separate systems training as well as regularly scheduled regional workshops for on-going training.


+Will you pay for the flight/hotel for FIT?

No, Jackson Hewitt does not cover the cost of the flight nor the hotel.

+Can both my partner and I attend the Franchise Initial Training (FIT)?

Yes, in fact we recommend that both business partners attend.

+What are the royalty fees?

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service franchisees pay a 15% royalty fee and a 6% fee to cover marketing programs.

+How much does it cost to open a Jackson Hewitt store?

Depending upon whether you plan to open a storefront or a kiosk, the funds required to launch the business vary.  Please see our list of estimated start up costsfor both storefront and kiosk locations.


+How long is the Jackson Hewitt franchise contract period?

Jackson Hewitt contracts are for a ten-year period.

+How much do we have to pay for lease space inside Walmart?

Lease space inside Walmart is between $2,675 and $7,169 depending on kiosk size and store type.  Additional fees may apply based on actual return counts.

+Can franchisees maintain their kiosk in Walmart after the income tax season?

No the arrangement with Walmart is for Jackson Hewitt kiosks to be available to Walmart customers and associates during the tax season.

+Can another Jackson Hewitt franchisee come into my territory once I own it?

 No, our franchisees are given exclusive rights to their territory.

+What about California licensing for tax preparing? Is that covered in the Jackson Hewitt training?

California requires additional training for tax preparers, a total of 60 hours.  Jackson Hewitt provides course work for this training.


 When it comes to Jackson Hewitt, there’s so much they put out there for you – education, constant training – anywhere you want to go [with your business] you have support …
– Butch Baker, Franchise Operator, Southfield, MI