A Tax Pro’s-Eye View of the ACA

As we approach the final month for health care enrollment under the Affordable Care Act, we thought we’d reach out to our Jackson Hewitt Tax Pros to hear how the ACA is affecting the taxes of their customers, and how our promise to help sort out the tax implications of healthcare was affecting our customers’ lives.
One story from Tax Pro, Pam Zahrt stood out as an example of a case where we were able to really make a difference in someone’s life by taking the time to simplify the confusion and complexity surrounding the ACA:
“Yesterday, I was providing ACA help to a single 55-year-old woman who made under $15,000 for the year.  She has health issues and has not had any health insurance.  I went over all her information and found out that for zero dollars a month she could have a plan with a $200 deductible, or for $27 a month she could have a zero deductible plan.  She cried because she didn’t think she would ever get insurance.  
Like many customers, she was nervous about the healthcare laws, but happily we have the resources to help customers figure out what is best for their family.  I saved this customer from a fine, and she will get the medical attention she needs.”

 Our Tax Pro ACA Survey
What else are our Tax Pros seeing? We put together a survey for a small representative sample of our Tax Pros to get a pulse of their experiences so far in the first year of the ACA. While not a large enough group to draw nationwide conclusions, they do give us some new insight into the ACA and how people are reacting to it when it comes time to do their taxes.
•    Widespread questions: First, it’s clear that many taxpayers have questions about the ACA. All of the Tax Pros surveyed said they had at least some customers raise ACA-related questions.
•    Marketplace adoption: While most taxpayers aren’t in a situation where they need to buy new insurance, the healthcare marketplace is helping bridge the gap – just under a third of Tax Pros reported having customers who purchased insurance through the exchanges.
Whatever your opinion, if you have ACA questions, be sure to stop by your local Jackson Hewitt location.