Five Things You Never Knew About Your Tax Preparer

Taxes are boring, right? Lots of forms, detailed tax laws and number crunching… With this in mind, it’s easy to see how some people may make the leap and say that tax preparers are boring too. They’d most likely be wrong. In fact, a recent survey of top Jackson Hewitt tax preparers shows that they’re more fun than boring. Here are five interesting things you never knew about your tax preparer:

They are extroverts (seriously).

Although many may think of tax preparers as quiet pencil pushers, Jackson Hewitt tax preparers are actually extroverts. 81% enjoy teaching others new things, which can go a long way in helping customers understand their deductions and credits!

They love the arts.

In fact, 44% of preparers enjoy listening to music in their spare time. 32% really enjoy going to the movies. Next time you’re getting your taxes done, feel free to share your views on that new Indie film you saw last week.

They’re overachievers.

81% of tax preparers say the thing they love about their job is going out of their way to help people.

They like to work in teams

Despite the impression that tax preparation is a solitary practice (you study deductions and credits, you fill out some forms, you eat at your desk), 83% of tax preparers prefer working in teams. They bounce ideas off one another, gather best practices and share stories.

They like to travel!

33% of preparers like to get out and see the world. Been somewhere cool this year? Talk about it with your preparer!

Think you have what it takes? Jackson Hewitt offices across the nation will be hiring more than 20,000 Tax Pros for the upcoming tax season! To learn more, visit the Jackson Hewitt website.

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