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    • 1.5.2016
      Jackson Hewitt® Teams Up with American Express Serve® to Give Hard-Working Clients Smart Options to Receive and Manage Their Tax Refunds

      Get a federal refund up to two days faster1 with an American Express Serve Account.

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    • 9.3.2015
      Top Five Tax Tips for Labor Day

      Whether you’re enjoying the holiday or working through the long weekend, Labor Day is the perfect time to think about job-related expenses that could help you at tax time. You’ve worked hard to earn your money.  We work hard to help you keep as much of it as you can. With that in mind, here are our top 5 Labor Day tax tips:

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    • 8.19.2015
      Top 5 Tax Tips for Good Samaritans on World Humanitarian Day

      August 19 is World Humanitarian Day. At Jackson Hewitt®, we recognize the importance of giving back.  So, for those who work hard to do good for others, we offer tips to help you get credit at tax time.

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    • 8.3.2015
      Top 5 Tax Tips for the Coast Guard and Other Military Personnel

      August 4th is the day we honor the Coast Guard for protecting our shorelines and waterways. At Jackson Hewitt, we want to help you, our clients in the Coast Guard and other branches of the military, keep more of your hard earned money with our top 5 military personnel tax tips.

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    • 7.28.2015
      Jackson Hewitt® Delivers Top 5 Tax Tips For System Administrators

      Who do you call when your servers are down? It’s the system administrators who work hard to keep IT working properly.  So we wanted to be on call and give you some specific tips to save more of your hard earned money

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    • 7.22.2015
      Jackson Hewitt® Delivers Top 5 Tax Tips to Parents

      Congratulations if you became a new parent or added an additional bundle of joy to your family this year. We know how you work as a parent, so we’re working hard to help you keep more in your wallet for those emergency diaper runs.

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    • 7.22.2015
      Jackson Hewitt® Delivers 5 Tax Tips for Airline Employees in Honor of Amelia Earhart’s Birthday

      Today we celebrate the 118th anniversary of the birth of Amelia Earhart, one of our nation’s most famous pilots. For those working in the airline industry today, we recognize your work, serving customers every day, on every flight. In return, we work hard to find deductions for all airline employees. So sit back, relax and enjoy the flight into savings.

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    • 7.2.2015
      Taxing our Founding Fathers

      Today is the anniversary the Declaration of Independence, which got us thinking about our Founding Fathers. As tax geeks, we wondered what their tax returns would look like today. So, we decided to look at the Declaration’s most recognizable signer: John Hancock.

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    • 7.1.2015
      Jackson Hewitt® Delivers Our Top 5 Tax Tips for Postal Workers

      Happy National Postal Workers Day!  A former USPS employee started this unofficial celebration back in 1997.  We recognize postal workers for their hard work delivering the mail “no matter rain, sleet or snow.” In return, we work hard to find tax tips that will take a load off your shoulders.

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    • 6.25.2015
      Say Cheese! Our Top 5 Tax Tips for Photographers

      It’s National Camera Day! While you work hard getting that perfect shot, Jackson Hewitt® will work hard to find deductions so you keep more of what you’ve earned.  Here are a few tax tips that will make any photographer smile. 

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