Mo-what? November is the Month to Build Men's Health Awareness

So what is Movember, exactly? It’s a movement that asks men to grow moustaches, and for their communities to support them. Funds raised support men’s health research and charities. As important as the money is the awareness the conversations that ensue due to the often unique facial hair brings greater awareness and understanding of the health risks men face, helps men take action on their health, and brings help and support to the forefront for those who need it.

Fun Faces, Serious Fundraising

In 1999, in the land down under (Australia, that is) the first Movember group was organized to raise funds for various causes. In 2004, another Australian group linked the idea to men’s health and started raising funds.Since then it has expanded around the world (it reached the U.S. in 2007) and raised more than $174 million – and spawned some truly epic facial hair.

Grow Your Deduction – And Maybe a Mo

So here we are again in Movember. If you want to get involved, the great news is, you’re not only helping a great cause, you’re also earning a potentially valuable tax deduction. If you donate (with or without facial fuzz), it may be tax deductible. Be sure to keep your receipts and cancelled checks or credit card statements supporting your donation. If you get involved by hosting an event, keep track of the out-of-pocket cost of participating. These costs include: - 14 cents per mile for travel while organizing, working, and cleaning up the event- Postage, printing, mailing or other costs of advertising- Food, drinks, and gifts to volunteers or participantsMake sure you keep receipts of all of your expenses, a log book of all your miles, and include them with your annual tax return records. Better documentation likely means a bigger tax deduction and lower taxes.

Show off

Supporting Movember? We want to see your staches past and present! Post them on our Facebook page or tag Jackson Hewitt in your favorite mustache-sporting selfie and we’ll help spread the word.