Get to Know Our Tax Pros - Jimmy Halliburton

We asked some of our Tax Pros from all across the country the same set of questions to get to know them better. Here’s what Jimmy Halliburton of Temple, Texas, had to say. (You may recognize Jimmy from our Tax School commercials!)

What do you love about Jackson Hewitt? How long have you worked here? Why do you stay?

I love everything about Jackson Hewitt! I love the professional atmosphere, positive training environment, and most of all the clients. I’ve worked here for two years. I stay because it is my duty to be here for my clients. Tax season is like an anniversary, both parties can't wait to see each other for this special occasion.

What did you do before you prepared taxes/started working with Jackson Hewitt?

reviously, I worked as Operations Manager for a contractor for the Department of Defense and I was also a college instructor.

What do you when you're not preparing taxes?

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, listening to or writing music, and definitely Texas football. In between these activities, I like to read and listen to motivational speakers.

Why did you first start preparing taxes? How did you get into the business?

I took to preparing taxes as a way to make supplemental income. As I learned more, I realized that I might just want to do this full time. Now, I can't imagine my life not involving taxes. I was introduced to taxes by a friend of mine. He thought that I would be good since I always loved talking numbers. After some extra motivation from my wife, I signed up and completed Tax School.

What's your best/favorite customer story?

My favorite story involves a woman who recently lost her husband. He handled all of their finances through their marriage. She was very concerned because she was not fully mobile and she did not know where to begin. They were prior clients of ours, so I felt obligated to go above and beyond to help her. I went to her home and sat with her to discuss all of the documents she needed to file. We completed all of her tax prep in the office and took her the documents to sign. She was so happy. Now she calls from time to time just to see how I am doing. It's great when something you do for someone has a real impact. If you could tell taxpayers one thing what would it be? We pride ourselves on making sure all of your tax needs are met in a friendly professional environment. Let's sit down and discuss how WE can be of service to you!

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